Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Obama's WOMAN problem

"Obama on the Couch: How bad is his women's problem?"

That is the question posed by Michael Savage. He, further, gives insight into facts about Obama's own mother that paint her with a less than favorable light. Obama's mother had a serious problem with committment and often traipsed to various countries while her son lived with a variety of different people. She was, essentially, narcassistic and self-indulgent. Her maternal example has colored the view Obama has about women and their role in serious leadership positions.

As Obama and liberal Democrats continue to create ways to attack VP Candidate Sarah Palin women are finding a different candidate to support.

"It seems Obama has a woman problem. He both wants to win their approval and control them at the same time. Unfortunately for him, Sarah Palin is not the kind of woman who responds well to control. Millions of women like Sarah may be traditional in their love for men, but they are feminists in terms of self-reliance. Attacking such strong women to control them has never worked and will not work for Obama."

Obama needs to remember that women vote. We read and we remember. We can't easily forget how HE conveniently 'forgot' that Sarah Palin is a GOVERNOR and not a Mayor. By demeaning her proven experience he has highlighted his own lack of credible experience.