Thursday, September 25, 2008

Obama oxymoron, but good article

From NewMediaJournal writer Lance Fairchok, "The Media and Race: Getting it Wrong"---

"Pushing race into the debate does not change that Obama is a confirmed
, however much he spins and distorts his record. The press is comfortable with him because they spring from the same socialist leaning institutions, the world of academia where reality seldom intrudes. He is our most left leaning senator, a party line voting ideologue with no history of bipartisanship, and he has a very short history indeed. His impressive speaking voice does not change his alliance with the most anti-American, divisive and destructive people and political groups in our country, from ACORN to Media Matters to Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright. His associations have not been representative of what American looks like, white, black or otherwise.
He does not inspire confidence when one sees how narrowly focused his
painfully brief career has been
, he does not inspire hope for change
when one sees how he rose to this nomination using all the corrupt
traditions of the Chicago political machine
. His specialty of funneling millions of taxpayer dollars into leftist causes should concern all of us. For all the glitz and showmanship of his campaign, it is obvious he is much more comfortable with a well rehearsed script, a teleprompter and a fawning crowd than he is with honest interviews, the issues and the truth about his own convictions. Following the far left progressive script, he’ll say anything to get elected; because once you have power you can go back to your radical roots.

MORE: JB Williams "Guilt by Association" A MUST READ........

This author is an investigative journalist who is not getting answers and demanding other investigative journalists start seeking information and answers..."The long list of evil Obama associates seems to grow daily and although Obama has spent the last few years dodging questions, ignoring demands for full open disclosure of his past and making excuses about a plethora of bad associations, one fact seems glaringly obvious...Obama has far more to hide than to share!"

Rev. Wright, Father Pfleger, Percy Sutton, Malcolm X, the Black
Panthers, Saul Alinsky, William Ayers, Donald Warden (aka Dr. Khalid
al-Mansour), pro-Palestinian Rashid Khalidi, Antoin 'Tony' Rezko, Nadhmi Auchi, Joseph Aramanda and Louis Farrahkan
"These names and more like them are repeatedly intertwined with Obama’s entire adult life over the last twenty odd years. The list of Obama associates is distinguished and consistent. Consistently corrupt, radically leftist, racially charged and anti-American..."

"the “candidate of full disclosure” can not run on his own “full disclosure” since he has offered no disclosure concerning his life."

Obama is REFUSING to answer questions. Even his college records are not released. What candidate could get away with all of this secrecy. Certainly not one Republican.....his team is fabricating dirt on Palin and won't release his birth certificate, college records, etc. Hmmmm