Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Truth about Censorship allegations and Palin

Books allegedly censored by Palin were not even written at the time (Harry Potter books).
No books have ever been censored by Palin.

"If this were a defining issue for her (as some on the lefty blogs seem to think), then how come she didn’t raise it again after she had established herself in local and then state politics?
The last time Sarah Palin inquired about banning books, Barack Obama had been associating with William Ayers, an unrepentant terrorist, for at least a year. Indeed, that association began before Palin’s mayoral election and continued at least through 1999 (three years after Palin’s last inquiry). Obama is the Democratic presidential nominee. Palin is the Republican vice presidential nominee.
And the MSM seems more interested a limited inquiry by Palin over a period of — at most — three months than in an ongoing relationship with Obama over a period of — at least — four years."

Thank you gay patriot for clarifying this issue.....