Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Obama---"Call me if you need me!"

Obama said, "call me if you need me" in response to Sen. McCain's proposal to suspend debate until this bail out was resolved.

Sen. McCain suspended campaign to deal with the economic crisis and asked to postpone debates. Jr. Sen Obama, 145 days in senate, said 'no thanks' and wants to tie in the foreign policy debate with the economy when the economy debate is for another day.....Dem. Reid wants McCain to stay away. The very Democrats that got us into this mess want McCain to stay away, Obama wants politics as usual, and McCain wants to get this mess fixed......... Again, McCain puts COUNTRY FIRST

Mr. Jr. Senator never shows up for voting or work anyway
......figures he would want to keep campaigning....isn't that what he has spent most of his Senate time doing anyway? It is obviously an area he feels most comfortable....that and the fact that he wants his own agenda......Dems are spinning this against McCain.....politics as usual. Obama also wouldn't answer the question about whether or not he would we even need to ask that question? Of course he won't vote...he never does.....present....he did say he would be there....

Sen. Mccain has repeatedly asked Obama to hold Townhall debates and Obama has declined. Debating seems to be at Obama's discretion and convenience and only when he feels his talking points are sufficiently memorized. We know he can't speak off the cuff without a teleprompter. He has had plenty of time to debate and now wants to put POLITICS FIRST--OBAMA

Also, Senator Obama said, "we both have really big planes with really big slogans printed on them that can get us to Mississippi if we are needed." HUH???? Obamalogic....OBAMICS