Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Obamanomics "Taxation at gunpoint is just neighborliness"

Obama's GRAND PLAN for financial relief for American's is a redistribution of wealth. He states that his plan is 'just neighborliness'. When he wants to give 95% of Americans tax relief he fails to mention that 50% of Americans do NOT pay any taxes.

According to Boston Globe journalist Jeff Jacoby, "What he is really proposing, therefore, is not tax relief but a bald transfer of cash - $1,000 per family, he pledges - from the wealthiest Americans to everyone else. In 1972, George McGovern advocated something similar - a $1,000 "demogrant" for every US citizen. Just last year, Hillary Clinton suggested that the government start off every new baby with a $5,000 savings account. "

When Bill O'Reilly questioned Obama about this and called him on the 'socialist tenet' of 'economic wealth distribution'. Obama countered that it was 'just neighborliness'. ""That's class warfare," O'Reilly objected. "You're taking the wealthy in America, the big earners . . . you're taking money away from them and you're giving it to people who don't. That's called income redistribution. It's a socialist tenet. Come on, you know that" Obama said it was a 'matter of civility."

But Obama's tax returns show that he only donated 1% and 5% of his income when he was making over 1/4 of a million dollars.

"Taxation is not generosity, it is confiscation at gunpoint. Does Obama not understand the difference?" Jeff writes.