Friday, September 12, 2008


Obama's new ads attack McCain as being against protecting children by not being willing to address issues of sexual predators in sex education. These ads are in response to McCain's ads disclosing that Obama voted YES to teach sexual education to kindergarteners.

The actual Senate bill 0099 states : "Each class or course in comprehensive sex education offered in any of grades K, six through 12; shall include instructions on the prevention of sexually transmitted infections including the prevention, transmission, and spread of HIV. Nothing in this section prohibits instruction in sanitation, hygiene, or traditional courses in biology."

It is to be noted that NOTHING in the bill mentions, promotes, or advocates the issue of sexual predators, which could be taught in regards to child safety separate from SEX EDUCATION.

Recent ads had addressed the issue that Obama voted for sexual education to be taught to kindergarteners (all k-12) and opponents believed this should be a parental choice. The original legislation has been for 6-12, but was changed. Obama voted YES (a time he actually voted for something) to the changes.

As expected, Obama's campaign has chosen to distort his OWN FACTS. His original comments were addressed to PLANNED PARENTHOOD, which the average, intelligent person will realize has NOTHING TO DO WITH PROTECTING CHILDREN FROM PREDATORS. Planned Parenthood deals with pregnancy prevention, abortions, and birth control... NOT SEXUAL PREDATORS, unless we are going to teach children to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases from sexual predators.


AS A PARENT: One of my children I allowed to go through the sex education curriculum and I opted out of the second one because: my oldest daughter was taught about bestiality, inappropriate information (TMI) regarding homosexuality, and other graphic sexual information about positions, toys, etc. I was stunned. I am fairly open minded, but the line was crossed and I would not subject my next child to that. It really comes down to parental choice. PERIOD.