Thursday, September 18, 2008

Right to Privacy NOT a Republican RIGHT

Gov. Sarah Palin's personal email was hacked. More disturbing is the AP--Associated Press--connection in the hacking. The FBI requested information from the AP and the AP REFUSED to give it.

"By refusing to cooperate with the federal investigation into the hacking crime and publicizing the Palins’ other personal Yahoo e-mail account information, the AP openly invited hackers to break into those family accounts as well and endorsed illicit activity to raid private family photos.
The issues are inextricably linked, to borrow a phrase, and raise questions about the propriety of AP’s continued flacking for Barack Obama under the guise of objective journalism." (Michelle Malkin)
It is ironic that the right to privacy is being overlooked in the instance when the LEFT is all about the right to privacy. They are against the wire tapping of terrorists and it is the cornerstone of the argument for Roe vs. Wade--the right to privacy except when it is a Republican VP candidate...and then.....their views are opened to the public. Being a Republican is WORSE than being a terrorist.