Thursday, September 25, 2008


Senators are elected officials and their salaries are paid for by the American people. If there was not a Presidential Campaign in progress we would expect our Senators to be in Washington DC dealing with the crisis.

When Sen. McCain suggested the debate be POSTPONED Obama said, "no thanks, campaigning is more important". It is clear that Obama had prepped well and didn't want to lose his memorization momentum by the delay, but he fails to grasp the concept of PAID FOR BY THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

We pay his salary....he has a JOB to do....every other Senator is where he or she is supposed to be and I expect all of them to be there too. Obama has the LEFTS support in his politics as usual approach, but this is a time for all Americans to demand action from our elected officials. America's economic future hangs in the balance and Obama just wants a 'phone call if he is needed'.

OBAMA----PHONE HOME! The economy is calling........(busy signal....he is talking to Raines, Wright, Ayers, Iran, Russia, Venezuela, Cuba, Hamas.....Streisand....)