Friday, September 26, 2008


Palin is being ripped in the liberal press (what is new?) and I really am not worried and you shouldn't be either....besides we have Bill Clinton on our side with the "cracker vote" in Florida!

Hmmm, not always great responses, certainly nervous but I didn't hear her talking about the 57 states, the Beretta Rifle, FDR going on TV to calm the masses in 1929, etc. I didn't hear her lying about McCain and middle class tax cuts, didn't hear her advocating for ACORN, didn't hear her claiming to merely be a neighbor of Ayers, didn't hear 20 years with Rev. Wright and never hearing anti-white/anti-semitism, didn't hear her refuse to give college records or actual birth certificate or other documentation still being refused, didn't hear anything about life being above his paygrade, didn't hear how she was falsely shot down in Afghanistan, didn't hear paying taxes is more patriotic, etc.

Did someone hear Palin say something that's outright wrong or a lie?