Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Palin AGAIN?

It is extremely funny to me that the people keeping Gov. Palin in the media are WOMEN who hate her. They just can't let it go. Anonymous leaks ala National Enquirer style actually make national news night after night after night?

We get it already. The messiah won the election. Now why is Gov. Palin still a thorn in the side of so many people? 1) She is a very successful woman who came 'this close' to the Presidency and the left and the crazy left leaning Republicans have to make sure she will not be a threat in 2012. 2) Pro-abortionists hate her PRO LIFE values. 3) Weak minded liberal leaning (no matter what party) women hate ALL she stands for. They just can't handle her. They knock her as 'not woman enough' and 'not a real feminist' because she doesn't support the killing of LIFE.

The BIGGEST detractors of Palin are women. I can't say that enough. Women who think they are enlightened, intellectual, intelligent, progressive....she made it and they didn't. Women are the worst at supporting women. They always have been and they always will be. We aren't any further ahead in our women's rights issues than we were 100 years ago. Sure, we have the vote, but what good is it? Women are going to bring each other down no matter what.

The left leaning women will only be happy when the women THEY approve of hits the scene. I can guarantee this. She will not represent 50% of the women in the US.

one of my “sisters” is Camille Paglia (

“I like Sarah Palin, and I’ve heartily enjoyed her arrival on the national stage. As a career classroom teacher, I can see how smart she is — and quite frankly, I think the people who don’t see it are the stupid ones, wrapped in the fuzzy mummy-gauze of their own worn-out partisan dogma. So she doesn’t speak the King’s English — big whoop! There is a powerful clarity of consciousness in her eyes. She uses language with the jumps, breaks and rippling momentum of a be-bop saxophonist. I stand on what I said (as a staunch pro-choice advocate) in my last two columns — that Palin as a pro-life wife, mother and ambitious professional represents the next big shift in feminism. Pro-life women will save feminism by expanding it, particularly into the more traditional Third World.

“As for the Democrats who sneered and howled that Palin was unprepared to be a vice-presidential nominee — what navel-gazing hypocrisy! What protests were raised in the party or mainstream media when John Edwards, with vastly less political experience than Palin, got John Kerry’s nod for veep four years ago? And Gov. Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas, for whom I lobbied to be Obama’s pick and who was on everyone’s short list for months, has a record indistinguishable from Palin’s. Whatever knowledge deficit Palin has about the federal bureaucracy or international affairs (outside the normal purview of governors) will hopefully be remedied during the next eight years of the Obama presidencies.”

As Dennis Miller says: "Women are mean to other women." and reminds us of how Katie 'softball' Couric was treated on the scene. Too bad she had to dish out to another woman what had been done to her.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Dear Veterans: Thank you for fighting for freedom. Thank you for fighting for us. Thank you for doing what most of us would not be willing to do. I am grateful to those in my family who HONORABLY served (my Dad and his 3 brothers, my Grandfather, my Great Uncle, my stepfather)) their country. We take for granted the freedoms we have because others have fought for that right. We dishonor their sacrifice when we do not honor them.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Why are liberals afraid of Governor Palin?

The election is over. The angry liberal candidate won. So why does the liberal left continue to go after Governor Palin? Detractors of Palin, Rep. and Dem. alike, like to blame Palin for McCain's election loss. They forget one thing. McCain lost because he was not REPUBLICAN enough. Palin was chosen because she is PRO-LIFE, PRO-GUN, PRO-DRILL, PR0-TAX CUTS. In a word, REPUBLICAN.

Get this 'factual' (snort...said with heavy sarcasm) report from Newsweek:
"Apparently, according to Newsweek, Gov. Palin refused to appear onstage with a New Hampshire Senator and a New Hampshire Senate candidate because they are pro-choice. (H/T).

Except that the Senator in question, John Sununu, is pro-life.And except that the other candidate wasn't running for the Senate (Newsweek may have missed this, but Sununu was up for re-election, so there were not two Republicans running for the job this year).

And except that she did do public appearances with both men.

And except that she did make public appearances with other pro-choicers.

But you know, other than getting basically every possible fact wrong, Newsweek's doing OK there.(

Michael Eisenstadt, supposed McCain aide, who has been 'leaking' negative info about Governor Palin an supposedly confessed on his own blog is a HOAX. The man is notorious for creating drama and 'hoax' blogs to create chaotic situations. This time he decided to bring Palin down (note: the LEFT HATES HER).

The slurs against Gov. Palin are ridiculous and not even worth going into on this blog. None of them made sense from the beginning and just so the how looney the left (and left leaning 'republican's) really are.

The future under Obama Rule

This doesn't bode well for the future....

Typical Libera "Moral Equivalency"

Ohio state snooper Helen Jones-Kelley, director of the state Department of Job and Family Services is getting a FREE PASS for her 'unauthorized' (so Obama says) snooping of Joe the Plumber's personal life and records.

I know it is an oxymoron to use Liberal and Moral in the same sentence, but didn't you know it is ALL OK if the Dems do it. Censorship? OK Illegally look at your personal life? OK Call Bush a terrorist? OK Take your gun and Second Amendment rights? OK Infanticide? OK Pay for your neighbor's abortion? OK Get out of Gitmo FREE? OK

Don't worry..on this anniversary of Kristallnacht..The Night of Broken Glass 1938 Germany. Large scale, coordinated attack against the Jews. In that 24 hour period, 200 synagogues were destroyed in Germany, thousands of Jewish homes and businesses were raided and ransacked and 20,000-30,000 Jews were arrested and put in concentration camps. It was the beginning of the Holocaust.

In the 1930's, thousands of Americans were supportive of Hitler, even having a Nazi Bund rally in Madison Square Garden in 1939, just as today thousands of Americans are supportive of Obama.

Why do I care? Lest we NEVER forget. Once freedoms are taken they can never been given back. Little by little we willingly vilify the 'enemy' until no one cares if something bad happens to them......Don't think it can't be YOU.

Stealing an election MN style

I had the priviledge of being a poll worker for the 2008 election. AZ is the ONLY state in the Union that requires voters to be an US citizen. We require PHOTO ID and if you don't have photo ID then you MUST present 2 forms of ID with your current address and it HAS TO MATCH what we have in the voter registration book.

Once we showed for work we absolutely could not leave. We couldn't leave in the evening until all ballots were counted, all unmarked ballots were accounted for, all provisional and conditional ballots were accounted for and all 'scratched' ballots were accounted for. We knew exactly how many ballots we started with and how many we ended with. All votes were counted and uploaded BEFORE we left for the evening and we knew exactly who won in our precinct, what ballot measures won in our precinct, etc.

People went through several checks before they cast their vote. It was very methodical and STILL people tried to cheat. Amazing. Yet, we know that cheaters DID vote more than once because even our system isn't perfect.

We still caught people trying to beat the system and vote twice, vote with another person's ID, people who early voted and tried to vote again, and people whose early ballot had been voted and we KNEW these people had been the victims of a fraud.....

Now, in other states, we found out how EASY it is to create voter fraud. Some states don't require 2 IDs or even photo ID. In some states, once the proper 'electoral votes' are met for a particular candidate then no other ballots are counted! Disgraceful.

The fact that people are 'finding' ballots in cars and other areas in MN is OUTRAGEOUS. FRAUD pure and simple. ACORN figured out how to steal elections in key states and used the state's own ineffective system to STEAL this election. That is what is now happening in MN.

Now, this is what occurred to me as I judged signatures for this election....WHY would a person NOT have a photo ID? A proper ID is needed for a bank, welfare checks and food stamps, getting their beer and cigs, going to a bar, etc. These people would definitely have ID for those occasions so why didn't they conveniently have one to vote??? The easiest scam in the world. Just produce 2 bills with an address and guess what? YOU vote! Say you are in foreclosure or in a move transition and YOU VOTE.

When ACORN says Mickey Mouse really couldn't vote...don't you believe it......betcha he did!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Obama youth MUST serve and betcha there will be a draft!

Dear youth who voted for careful what you wish get mandatory service and guess what? The draft will NOT be far behind for male and female since that is what he said early on......get ready indoctrination change is coming! Oh, I forgot, some of you lost ones have been indoctrinated since birth.....

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Media determined to bury Palin and her popularity

A Few Things You'd Have to Believe to Believe What McCain Staffers Say About Sarah Palin
Let's add some context to the Carl Cameron and Newsweek airing of rumors from anonymous McCain/Palin staffers. The most controversial claims, all of which come without names attached because the purveyors are apparently determined to stick around to undermine future campaigns and candidates, are that Palin didn't know that Africa was a continent as opposed to a country, and that she didn't know who the members of NAFTA were.
Let's start with NAFTA. If folks want to believe Gov. Sarah Palin did not know even the most basic facts about NAFTA, they have to believe a couple other improbable things.
Before she became governor, Palin's husband Todd's commercial fishing business on Bristol Bay accounted a decent percentage of the family's income. The couple reported about $46,000 from the business last year on a license Todd purchased from his grandfather in the 1970s. He has been a lifelong commercial fisherman and she has often been his partner both in the business and literally on the boat.
Surely while the two were working in the commercial salmon fishing industry in post-NAFTA Alaska, they would not have missed the effect farmed-salmon imports from Canada had on the industry, causing the number of fisherman, the size of the harvest, and the value of permits to go down significantly in Alaska. According to a 2003 AP article:
"This loss of equity, which for self-employed fishermen is equivalent to retirement accounts, will continue to reverberate throughout the Alaska economy in coming years," Gilbertsen said.
The economic losses have ricocheted through coastal communities as fewer fishermen have caused a decline in both crews and shore-based services. Monthly employment in the state's seafood processing industry fell from 11,200 in 1992 to 7,400 in 2002.
Chile and Canada are the two major suppliers to the U.S. market of farm-raised salmon. The two countries accounted for 94 percent of the Atlantic pen-reared salmon, valued at $818 million.
Canada is a partner in the North American Free Trade Agreement, which removed certain trade barriers, and Chile has fewer environmental regulations and cheap labor, the analysis showed.
"The fact that Canada is a NAFTA partner, and that the U.S. has just approved a bilateral free trade agreement with Chile, would seem to indicate that these imports will continue to grow," Gilbertsen said.
So, let's say for argument's sake the couple missed that bit of information. They would also have had to miss the fact that in 2002, the federal government decided to make commercial salmon fisherman on Alaska's Bristol Bay eligible for Trade Adjustment Assistance under the North American Free Trade Agreement due to the impact Canada's farmed-salmon had on the industry. From a 2002 AP brief:
The U.S. Department of Labor has certified about 200 commercial salmon fishermen in the Bristol Bay area as eligible to apply for transitional adjustment assistance under the North American Free Trade Agreement.
The certifications cover Sept. 5, 2001, to Nov. 25, 2004. Workers laid off or reduced to part-time work during that time may be eligible for extra benefits and services.
The Labor Department found that major customers for Bristol Bay salmon increased their reliance on imports of salmon from Canada, adversely affecting fishermen.
NAFTA authorizes assistance to cover workers affected because of increased imports from Mexico or Canada or shifts in production to those countries.
After they are certified as eligible, workers may apply for benefits at a state employment service office. They may receive retraining services, career counseling, job placement assistance and income support.
On the flip side of the coin, Canada is within the top three of Alaska's trading partners, a position it moved into in the increased trade years after NAFTA was passed. It's a huge market for seafood and metals mined in Alaska.
Disgruntled McCain staffers not only require you to believe that the chief executive of the state of Alaska knew nothing about one of her state's most important trading partners, but that she was equally oblivious to the economic winds affecting the industry that provided her very own livelihood. Perhaps they should head to the NYT next, which has a history of employing anyone who has a penchant for writing slam books about Republicans.
This accusation didn't pass the smell test to begin with, but because McCain staffers are requiring us to defend our popular former vice presidential nominee against NYT-like attacks, there are some facts to consider.
Posted by Mary Katharine Ham

Markets continue to react to Obama's Omerica

Another day of crashing markets. It is in a total freefall. Corporations, businesses, nations were not happy about an Obama Omerica. Individuals may be happy, but the markets KNOW what an Obama Presidency means.....another Great Depression as he spends us into the ground and taxes the *&^% out of us all. We now have a President:
1) Whose best friends believe that everyone who’s poor should organize to get something from the system
2) Whose best friends hate this country, hate capitalism, hate the military, hate Christianity and Judism
3) Who’s going to take away money from everyone working, particularly those who have their own businesses and employ MOST of the working people in the country, and give it to everyone not working, many of whom refuse to work
4) Who’s going to reduce military spending by 25% - who’s going to halt the missile defense system which has begun to show a great deal of success
5) Who’s charitable deductions last year were half of what we gave (and we only make 40,000.00 a year!)
6) Who believes government can run a medical system without medical shortages (see Canada, England, France)
7) Who plans European-style socialism without realizing that that system is about to crash because of no-growth population
8)Who writes about an beloved aunt, but never checks to see how she’s doing and doesn’t even know she’s an illegal alien in the US
9) Who has half brother living in Kenya who is extremely poor
10) Who has never supported the school they named for him in Kenya
11) Who has operatives who broken into court records and government databases to dig up dirt on political opponents and people who dared ask him a question that caused problems
12) Who plans to bring back the Fairness Doctrine so that conservatives have NO PLACE to find out the truth.
13) Who has promised NARAL and NOW that he will pass the abortion act making every abortion any place, any time, for any reason, legal - rolling back 30 years of work to protect the unborn. Hello to partial birth abortions (partially deliver, drill hole in head, suck out brains, deliver dead baby). Hello to babies who survive abortions left to die alone in closets.
14) A civilian force - for what reason? Will they knock on your door one of these days?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Stock Market reels in shock of an Omerica!

There is no greater cause and effect on what the free market thinks of a president then the day after an election
in 2004 up flat: 0%
in 1996 ip 100pts about 2%
in 1992 down 20pts about 1%
in 1988 flat
in 1984 up 14pts or about 1.5%
in 1980 flat.
This is the worse reaction to an election by the markets in the last 30 years. Most day’s after is like business as usally. No sell offs. Sometimes you get a small rally. Today was an massive in your face NO THANK YOU form the market. HISTORIC reaction. Not seen ever.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A new era...Omerica

Barack Hussein Obama bought, paid for, and stole the election of President of the US. As an American I will support my President because it is the patriotic thing to do. I do not share his lack of values and I abhor his lack of character. He was very clear tonight that the American people should not expect much from him until his NEXT term of President and that says a lot about him. Just words...just speeches....just a bunch of crap that truly less than 1/2 the American people bought when you consider that:
1) he paid $650 million for his Presidency in a time when that sure would put a lot of food on Americans tables. he didn't feel the need to 'share the wealth'....selfish?
2) he and his supporters used fraud, deception, corruption, and thug tactics to steal votes......Black Panther brute squads tonight!
3) we know MILLIONS of votes were fraudulent
4) if people didn't hate Bush so much he wouldn't have had a prayer
5) if the media hadn't been in the pocket for him he wouldn't have had a prayer
5) if he didn't accept illegal contributions from foreigners he wouldn't have had a prayer
6) in an unorganized campaign by McCain Obama could still not seal the deal with most of the American population when he had EVERYTHING going for him to win.....
7) he personally kept racism alive and active in this campaign....not even the decendent of an american black slave, but he used the 'race card' continually.... HE is the racist....his supporters are RACIST

All of that says a lot about Obama and just like Dems like to think the Presidency was stolen from them, I will always believe Obama stole and paid for this win....not a real win in the minds of many I wait for censorship....race will still be an issue (it keeps him in the game)....loss of personal rights....gun abortions for all.....and terrorism on American soil again......but....I will support my President because it is my patriotic duty.....wonder what my new hopey changey country's song, flag, emblem, pledge, will look and sound like? A lot of red I think.

I worked the polls today from 5 am until 9pm. An amazing experience.....angry democrats complaining constantly and some of them incredibly rude to everyone.....iffy voters (only a few though)....a McCain win in the precinct I was in and it wasn't even my own...very interesting people and an experience I hope to repeat in the future.

Obama himself ran the MEANEST, NASTIEST campaign I have ever seen and anyone who believes otherwise drank way too much kook-aid in the last couple of years. Right PUMAS?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Obama's plan to bankrupt America

For all the Kool-Aid drinkers in America....Obama has clearly spelled out his plan for American...when he is 'off script'. Why aren't people listening?
1) Spread the wealth by taxing the rich to give to the poor and those who don't pay taxes...that number has now dropped to $50,000 a year because it is 'PATRIOTIC' to do and 'SELFISH' if you don't agree...
2) Cap and Trade so that electricity rates will 'SKYROCKET'.."Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket." "just a small price to pay to pave the way for the coming energy utopia when we heat our homes with faerie farts and renewable rainbows.
3) He wants the Cap and Trade to be so high that it will 'BANKRUPT' the coal industry.

These are just a few of the promises of Hopey Changey crap he has in store for us.....not to mention the CIVILIAN SECURITY FORCES ala....the Third Reich Hitler Youth

Paying for the abortions of anyone that wants them (genocide anyone?)
Giving even more welfare rebates to the welfare slaves
Infanticide by voting 4 TIMES against Born Alive Act
Pulling out of Iraq, defunding our military and leaving Israel to fry.....
Voter Fraud
Breaking campaign promises 4 TIMES
Spending millions to steal an election while Auntie lives in poverty

All this while his Auntie is in the country illegally and POOR and his brother lives in a hut on $1 a month in Africa and they don't where his illegal Uncle is in America.........

THIS is the Change we want??? To all the Kool-Aid drinkers.....did you do too many drugs in college? Did you inhale as much as Obama since 'that was the point?' Have you read the Daily Kos so much that you have lost all sense of reason let alone all ability to think logically and coherently? Is your hated of America so great that you believe we should all suffer for the perceived sins of the Demon Bush you bash so ineloquently? yeah, we get it..your 'angry'...more like seriously demented!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I voted FOR the USA. Does that make me racist?

The issue of RACE has been the buzz word of the Obama campaign. Anytime anyone anywhere has a complaint about Obama, makes a comment on Obama's policies or beliefs, or disagrees with Obama then the charge 'racist' is leveled at them. This has been the divisive tactic in this campaign and it has bled over into my own family. It does not matter than I can state more than 50 logical, accurate, factual and specific reasons why I did NOT vote for Obama. It does not matter that I oppose him on every single issue. It does not matter that I am no longer a Democrat. It does not matter that I believe he lacks character. It does not matter that my stepfather of 26 years is a black man and my brothers are half black. It does not matter that I come from a multi-cultural family. None of it matters. All that matters is that I did not vote for this black man and therefore, according to the pseudo-intellectuals and white apologists in my family, I must be RACIST.

I didn't see this 'historical' opportunity to vote for a black president. I saw the historical implications of an Obama presidency and recognized the implications of a socialistic/marxist, anti-constitutional, not life affirming, extreme liberal, elitist, judgment impaired, inexperienced senator having control of the future of the USA and I said NO WAY.

As for Obama being black......Obama is the decendant of a black african muslim and NOT the decendant of US black slaves. His frame of reference is very different from the average black american. He plays on his 'blackness' to win the black vote, but he alliances have been with radicals, marxists, terrorists, muslims, etc all black AND white. He does not KNOW the black experience of this country. He has not lived in poverty. He has not fought his way. He has lived a life of white privilege and it is the wealth of others (questionable too) that has propelled him forward.

For intelligent individuals to NOT desire to know or accept the truth of Obama is frightening. People who's sole source of information are sites like Daily Kos, the NYT, and biased media sources who are unwillingly to connect the dots on Obama and they 'whitewash' him into something he is NOT. Those who elevate him to 'messiah' status and see his HOPEY CHANGEY mantra as something new and different instead of more of the same old tired race baiting, welfare slavery inducing, policies of the past.

I voted FOR America. I voted FOR life. I voted FOR capitalism. I voted FOR the constitution. I voted FOR national security. I voted FOR the mavericks.

Here are some things to note from Marc Sheppard on the media and race:
As Black racism is the direct result of White racism, any mention of racist Jeremiah Wright or the Obamas' 20 years of receiving his anti-American anti-White sermons, is itself, racist.
As ACORN is largely a black organization concerned primarily with minority issues, any questions about the multi-state vote-rigging allegations against them or Obama's involvement therein is racist.
Mentioning Obama once "palled around" with Bill Ayers is racist - despite the domestic terrorist's white face.
Suggesting minority-centric lending policies were factors in the Fannie/Freddie collapse is racist; more so if former Fannie Mae CEO Franklin Raines' name is surfaced.
Calling a black man "articulate and bright and clean" is racist as it apparently implies most are not.
"Arrogant" and "Elitist" are both code-words for "uppity" which has a particularly pernicious meaning when applied to anyone of color.
"Socialist" is a code-word for black.
"Community Organizer" is also a code-word for black
Even "Inexperienced" is a code-word for black.
"Celebrity" is a code-word for black, and a subliminal reference to black-on-white rape when juxtaposed with celebrities of fair and soft skin

American Jews HATE Israel......

I have often wondered about the American Jew's willingness to vote for those that are blatant jew bashers and jew haters. Is it self-loathing? Many american jews are 'jew' by ethnicity, but loath the religious aspect of their 'jewish identity' (tradition? yes, but belief? No) and lack a connectedness to Israel. Their allegience is to 'liberalism' as their religion of choice. Here is a great article:

An Election Plea To Those Who Love Israel Sammy Benoit
Whether he wins or loses, all signs point to the fact is Barack Obama will receive the majority of the Jewish vote in the presidential elections. But even a few percentage point shift in the Jewish vote can mean a McCain win in some of the key battleground states.
The astounding part of that is that Obama is receiving the vote DESPITE the fact that he has assembled a crew of advisers that have a negative opinion of Israel. Despite that a Barack Obama presidency may turn out to be the most anti-Israel administration since George HW Bush.
Please take a look at these people allied with the Obama Campaign, Some of them are Anti-Israel others are Anti-Semitic AND Anti-Israel:
Samantha Powers- She called for an invasion of Israel to impose a solution to the Palestinian Issue. She has also complained about the undue influence of the "Jews" in American Foreign Policy.
Don't forget Dick Lugar who was mentioned by the senator as one of Foreign Policy advisers during the third debate.
Robert Mally -- He expressed his support of the Palestinian "Militias" attacking Israel
Zbigniew Brzezinski who was screwing Israel as a member of the Carter Administration. He He has also been active supporting Messrs Mearsheimer and Walt's attack on the Jewish Lobby. He also said that American Jews Practice McCarthyism and that America must stop Israel from protecting herself vs Iran.
Then there is Merrill A. McPeak. He said that the only reason there is not Mid-East peace in the world is American Jews.
Daniel Kurtzer, an Orthodox Jew, was one of Secretary of State James " F**K the Jews" Baker's team of Anti-Israel "Jew Boys."
Joe Cirincione thought that talk of a Syrian Nuclear in the desert was nonsense. Immediately following Israel's air raid this past September, Cirincione listed "Israelis [who] want to thwart any dialogue between the U.S. and Syria" as among those spreading rumors Syria was constructing a nuclear facility.
How about Senator Hagel who went with Obama on his little trip to Israel. He is one of the two or three MOST Anti-Israel Senators.
Some of you may be thinking, "Just another guilt by association charge." Let me tell you why you are wrong. These are all people that Obama has chosen to surround himself with, not accedental encounters.Beyond Obama's Anti-Jew Crew of advisers the real truth is, if you take a look at the platforms the two major parties are running on, you will find some REAL and uncomfortable differences between the two candidates.This month's Journal of International Security Affairs, Michael Oren, a senior fellow at the Shalem Center makes an Item by Item comparison of the "Jewish Issues" in the both campaign's platforms. On important issues from appeasing terrorists, to Iran, to Jerusalem, settlements etc., the Republican platform has positions much more favorable to the Jewish State.Folks the truth is that I had many issues with the way George W. Bush ran middle east policy. But there are a few things that are clear. Bush was the first president that considered a terrorist attack in Israel just as bad as one elswhere it the world. He constantly supported Israel’s right to defend itself against terror, and praised her as America’s number one ally in the Middle East. He also authorized an unprecedented level of cooperation between the U.S. military and the Israel Defense Forces including intelligence sharing, anti-terror training, and the joint development of missile defense systems.A Barack Obama Presidency would return US/Israel relations back to the days of James Baker's "They have my number they can call me." A US trying to impose a dangerous one-sided solution on the Jewish State.A John McCain Presidency will use the George W. Bush solution as a starting point and create an even closer relationship with Israel.Folks the Choice is yours, The future of Israel and the Jewish People may depend on it.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Obama and Weather Underground, Socialism and Communism

Obama's terrorist pals wrote about the need to encourage "organizers" who will work in "communities" and use "audacity" to bring about "socialism" in America.

The emblems for Weather Underground and Obama campaign look strikingly 'similar'

Obama Presidency a 'Historic' Tragedy--Change we can do without

By Thomas

Performance is where Obama has nothing to show for his political career, either in Illinois or in Washington.
Policies he proposes under the change banner are almost all policies that have been tried repeatedly in other countries — and failed repeatedly in other countries.
Politicians telling businesses how to operate? That's been tried in countries around the world, especially during the second half of the 20th century. It has failed so often and so badly that even socialist and communist governments were freeing up their markets by the end of the century.
The economies of China and India began to take off into high rates of growth when they got rid of precisely the kinds of policies that Obama is advocating for the United States under the magic mantra of change.
Putting restrictions on international trade in order to save jobs at home? That was tried here with the Hawley-Smoot tariff during the Great Depression.
Unemployment was 9 percent when that tariff was passed to save jobs, but unemployment went up instead of down and reached 25 percent before the decade was over.
Higher taxes to "spread the wealth around," as Obama puts it? The idea of redistributing wealth has turned into the reality of redistributing poverty, in countries where wealth has fled and a lack of incentives has stifled the production of new wealth.
Economic disasters, however, may pale by comparison with the catastrophe of Iran with nuclear weapons. Glib rhetoric about Iran’s being "a small country," as Obama called it, will be a bitter irony for Americans who will have to live in the shadow of a nuclear threat that cannot be deterred, as that of the Soviet Union could be, by the threat of a nuclear counterattack.

Read more.....