Sunday, November 2, 2008

I voted FOR the USA. Does that make me racist?

The issue of RACE has been the buzz word of the Obama campaign. Anytime anyone anywhere has a complaint about Obama, makes a comment on Obama's policies or beliefs, or disagrees with Obama then the charge 'racist' is leveled at them. This has been the divisive tactic in this campaign and it has bled over into my own family. It does not matter than I can state more than 50 logical, accurate, factual and specific reasons why I did NOT vote for Obama. It does not matter that I oppose him on every single issue. It does not matter that I am no longer a Democrat. It does not matter that I believe he lacks character. It does not matter that my stepfather of 26 years is a black man and my brothers are half black. It does not matter that I come from a multi-cultural family. None of it matters. All that matters is that I did not vote for this black man and therefore, according to the pseudo-intellectuals and white apologists in my family, I must be RACIST.

I didn't see this 'historical' opportunity to vote for a black president. I saw the historical implications of an Obama presidency and recognized the implications of a socialistic/marxist, anti-constitutional, not life affirming, extreme liberal, elitist, judgment impaired, inexperienced senator having control of the future of the USA and I said NO WAY.

As for Obama being black......Obama is the decendant of a black african muslim and NOT the decendant of US black slaves. His frame of reference is very different from the average black american. He plays on his 'blackness' to win the black vote, but he alliances have been with radicals, marxists, terrorists, muslims, etc all black AND white. He does not KNOW the black experience of this country. He has not lived in poverty. He has not fought his way. He has lived a life of white privilege and it is the wealth of others (questionable too) that has propelled him forward.

For intelligent individuals to NOT desire to know or accept the truth of Obama is frightening. People who's sole source of information are sites like Daily Kos, the NYT, and biased media sources who are unwillingly to connect the dots on Obama and they 'whitewash' him into something he is NOT. Those who elevate him to 'messiah' status and see his HOPEY CHANGEY mantra as something new and different instead of more of the same old tired race baiting, welfare slavery inducing, policies of the past.

I voted FOR America. I voted FOR life. I voted FOR capitalism. I voted FOR the constitution. I voted FOR national security. I voted FOR the mavericks.

Here are some things to note from Marc Sheppard on the media and race:
As Black racism is the direct result of White racism, any mention of racist Jeremiah Wright or the Obamas' 20 years of receiving his anti-American anti-White sermons, is itself, racist.
As ACORN is largely a black organization concerned primarily with minority issues, any questions about the multi-state vote-rigging allegations against them or Obama's involvement therein is racist.
Mentioning Obama once "palled around" with Bill Ayers is racist - despite the domestic terrorist's white face.
Suggesting minority-centric lending policies were factors in the Fannie/Freddie collapse is racist; more so if former Fannie Mae CEO Franklin Raines' name is surfaced.
Calling a black man "articulate and bright and clean" is racist as it apparently implies most are not.
"Arrogant" and "Elitist" are both code-words for "uppity" which has a particularly pernicious meaning when applied to anyone of color.
"Socialist" is a code-word for black.
"Community Organizer" is also a code-word for black
Even "Inexperienced" is a code-word for black.
"Celebrity" is a code-word for black, and a subliminal reference to black-on-white rape when juxtaposed with celebrities of fair and soft skin