Monday, November 10, 2008

Why are liberals afraid of Governor Palin?

The election is over. The angry liberal candidate won. So why does the liberal left continue to go after Governor Palin? Detractors of Palin, Rep. and Dem. alike, like to blame Palin for McCain's election loss. They forget one thing. McCain lost because he was not REPUBLICAN enough. Palin was chosen because she is PRO-LIFE, PRO-GUN, PRO-DRILL, PR0-TAX CUTS. In a word, REPUBLICAN.

Get this 'factual' (snort...said with heavy sarcasm) report from Newsweek:
"Apparently, according to Newsweek, Gov. Palin refused to appear onstage with a New Hampshire Senator and a New Hampshire Senate candidate because they are pro-choice. (H/T).

Except that the Senator in question, John Sununu, is pro-life.And except that the other candidate wasn't running for the Senate (Newsweek may have missed this, but Sununu was up for re-election, so there were not two Republicans running for the job this year).

And except that she did do public appearances with both men.

And except that she did make public appearances with other pro-choicers.

But you know, other than getting basically every possible fact wrong, Newsweek's doing OK there.(

Michael Eisenstadt, supposed McCain aide, who has been 'leaking' negative info about Governor Palin an supposedly confessed on his own blog is a HOAX. The man is notorious for creating drama and 'hoax' blogs to create chaotic situations. This time he decided to bring Palin down (note: the LEFT HATES HER).

The slurs against Gov. Palin are ridiculous and not even worth going into on this blog. None of them made sense from the beginning and just so the how looney the left (and left leaning 'republican's) really are.