Monday, November 10, 2008

Stealing an election MN style

I had the priviledge of being a poll worker for the 2008 election. AZ is the ONLY state in the Union that requires voters to be an US citizen. We require PHOTO ID and if you don't have photo ID then you MUST present 2 forms of ID with your current address and it HAS TO MATCH what we have in the voter registration book.

Once we showed for work we absolutely could not leave. We couldn't leave in the evening until all ballots were counted, all unmarked ballots were accounted for, all provisional and conditional ballots were accounted for and all 'scratched' ballots were accounted for. We knew exactly how many ballots we started with and how many we ended with. All votes were counted and uploaded BEFORE we left for the evening and we knew exactly who won in our precinct, what ballot measures won in our precinct, etc.

People went through several checks before they cast their vote. It was very methodical and STILL people tried to cheat. Amazing. Yet, we know that cheaters DID vote more than once because even our system isn't perfect.

We still caught people trying to beat the system and vote twice, vote with another person's ID, people who early voted and tried to vote again, and people whose early ballot had been voted and we KNEW these people had been the victims of a fraud.....

Now, in other states, we found out how EASY it is to create voter fraud. Some states don't require 2 IDs or even photo ID. In some states, once the proper 'electoral votes' are met for a particular candidate then no other ballots are counted! Disgraceful.

The fact that people are 'finding' ballots in cars and other areas in MN is OUTRAGEOUS. FRAUD pure and simple. ACORN figured out how to steal elections in key states and used the state's own ineffective system to STEAL this election. That is what is now happening in MN.

Now, this is what occurred to me as I judged signatures for this election....WHY would a person NOT have a photo ID? A proper ID is needed for a bank, welfare checks and food stamps, getting their beer and cigs, going to a bar, etc. These people would definitely have ID for those occasions so why didn't they conveniently have one to vote??? The easiest scam in the world. Just produce 2 bills with an address and guess what? YOU vote! Say you are in foreclosure or in a move transition and YOU VOTE.

When ACORN says Mickey Mouse really couldn't vote...don't you believe it......betcha he did!