Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A new era...Omerica

Barack Hussein Obama bought, paid for, and stole the election of President of the US. As an American I will support my President because it is the patriotic thing to do. I do not share his lack of values and I abhor his lack of character. He was very clear tonight that the American people should not expect much from him until his NEXT term of President and that says a lot about him. Just words...just speeches....just a bunch of crap that truly less than 1/2 the American people bought when you consider that:
1) he paid $650 million for his Presidency in a time when that sure would put a lot of food on Americans tables. he didn't feel the need to 'share the wealth'....selfish?
2) he and his supporters used fraud, deception, corruption, and thug tactics to steal votes......Black Panther brute squads tonight!
3) we know MILLIONS of votes were fraudulent
4) if people didn't hate Bush so much he wouldn't have had a prayer
5) if the media hadn't been in the pocket for him he wouldn't have had a prayer
5) if he didn't accept illegal contributions from foreigners he wouldn't have had a prayer
6) in an unorganized campaign by McCain Obama could still not seal the deal with most of the American population when he had EVERYTHING going for him to win.....
7) he personally kept racism alive and active in this campaign....not even the decendent of an american black slave, but he used the 'race card' continually.... HE is the racist....his supporters are RACIST

All of that says a lot about Obama and just like Dems like to think the Presidency was stolen from them, I will always believe Obama stole and paid for this win....not a real win in the minds of many people......now I wait for censorship....race will still be an issue (it keeps him in the game)....loss of personal rights....gun restrictions....free abortions for all.....and terrorism on American soil again......but....I will support my President because it is my patriotic duty.....wonder what my new hopey changey country's song, flag, emblem, pledge, will look and sound like? A lot of red I think.

I worked the polls today from 5 am until 9pm. An amazing experience.....angry democrats complaining constantly and some of them incredibly rude to everyone.....iffy voters (only a few though)....a McCain win in the precinct I was in and it wasn't even my own...very interesting people and an experience I hope to repeat in the future.

Obama himself ran the MEANEST, NASTIEST campaign I have ever seen and anyone who believes otherwise drank way too much kook-aid in the last couple of years. Right PUMAS?