Thursday, November 6, 2008

Markets continue to react to Obama's Omerica

Another day of crashing markets. It is in a total freefall. Corporations, businesses, nations were not happy about an Obama Omerica. Individuals may be happy, but the markets KNOW what an Obama Presidency means.....another Great Depression as he spends us into the ground and taxes the *&^% out of us all. We now have a President:
1) Whose best friends believe that everyone who’s poor should organize to get something from the system
2) Whose best friends hate this country, hate capitalism, hate the military, hate Christianity and Judism
3) Who’s going to take away money from everyone working, particularly those who have their own businesses and employ MOST of the working people in the country, and give it to everyone not working, many of whom refuse to work
4) Who’s going to reduce military spending by 25% - who’s going to halt the missile defense system which has begun to show a great deal of success
5) Who’s charitable deductions last year were half of what we gave (and we only make 40,000.00 a year!)
6) Who believes government can run a medical system without medical shortages (see Canada, England, France)
7) Who plans European-style socialism without realizing that that system is about to crash because of no-growth population
8)Who writes about an beloved aunt, but never checks to see how she’s doing and doesn’t even know she’s an illegal alien in the US
9) Who has half brother living in Kenya who is extremely poor
10) Who has never supported the school they named for him in Kenya
11) Who has operatives who broken into court records and government databases to dig up dirt on political opponents and people who dared ask him a question that caused problems
12) Who plans to bring back the Fairness Doctrine so that conservatives have NO PLACE to find out the truth.
13) Who has promised NARAL and NOW that he will pass the abortion act making every abortion any place, any time, for any reason, legal - rolling back 30 years of work to protect the unborn. Hello to partial birth abortions (partially deliver, drill hole in head, suck out brains, deliver dead baby). Hello to babies who survive abortions left to die alone in closets.
14) A civilian force - for what reason? Will they knock on your door one of these days?