View through the looking glass.....

I am finding my soul within my photography.   I haven't done much with my camera in years.   I took high school photography and wasn't really inspired.  I was a college frat and sorority party photographer and a high  school graduation photographer.  All fun, but left me little to be truly inspired about.  I always had a camera.  My Dad gave me my first SLR Minolta for my 16th birthday.   He always had a camera in hand too.   But I spent years avoiding learning much and there my camera sat.    I was get the easy point and shoots and disposables, but only to have a photo of the moment...nothing truly inspired.

Now I have a Canon XSi.....yes, I would love a better camera, but I love my Canon and it serves me well.  I have my Canon wish list for a camera body and lenses.  We shall see.   

For now...I love taking pictures of people and bringing smiles to the faces of those that see a lovely moment captured in time.   My children are my muses...when they let me and aren't totally bored with the experience.

I spend my free time reading, practicing, reading and practicing....each time I learn something different or new I try it and see the results.  Some are great and some?  meeeh...not so inspiring.  But I have gotten better and I see progress.   I am excited and am finding my soul in my photography.