Wednesday, September 24, 2008

In defense of LIFE

Most of my early adulthood I was adamantly pro-choice. I was adamant in a woman's right to choose, no matter what......I am grateful to say that I have matured into a believer in the Sanctity of LIFE, especially for those who are unable to speak for themselves.....Those are the unborn....thoe most easily discarded of our society because they have no voice.

When this election began I did not give any thought to being pro-life or pro-choice. Roe vs Wade is so much a part of our society and our Constitution that it hasn't been an issue of thought for me because I have not seen that issue changing in our lifetime.

Things changed dramatically for me with the nomination of Barack Obama. I already had many misconceptions about him for President, but one issue has become a touchstone for me. That is Obama's EXTREME PRO-ABORTION stance. Don't believe me? Here is why.......

Now, many ardent and radical Obama believers would denounce my statement of Obama being pro-abortion as extreme. I will explain how I got there. Talk is cheap, but actions speak louder than words. The only way we can really learn more about a Presidential Candidate is by their actions, how they may have voted in Senate (or in their sphere of Government), and actual bills they may have endorsed, and their words in writing or in video......Obama has spoken and acted ardently PRO-ABORTION.

He has proven, by actions, that he not only votes pro-choice, but has supported the absolute death of a baby. A woman seeking abortion must be guaranteed a DEAD BABY. He has stated his FIRST act of Congress as President is the removal of ALL state restrictions on abortion (parental consent, term limits on abortion and fetal age, etc) AND the guarantee of partial birth abortions in ALL states.

The Born Alive Infants Act is a piece of legislation that was written to guarantee that when an infant SURVIVED an abortion then a Doctor had a legal responsibility to provide medical care. Obama voted AGAINST this act 4 times! He was the ONLY Senator in Congress to do so. Even the most devout pro-choice Senators voted FOR this act....only Obama chose NO. 4 TIMES

He stated: 1) it would add additional distress on the woman to have an actual baby survive 2) it would encumber the medical system financially to add an additional doctor 3) it would hamper Roe vs Wade. When the Bill was changed to guarantee Roe vs Wade Obama STILL VOTED NO.

This stance only makes Obama PRO-ABORTION and in no way honoring the sanctity of life.

Many have challenged me stating that Obama is Christian. I challenge ANY supposed or self-professed Christian or believer in God or Allah to examine their values in their vote. Even if a Christian/Jew/Muslim might say they are pro-choice (how I don't know), even the most secular must realize that a LIFE born is ALIVE and worth saving. Anything otherwise is murder, infanticide, and contrary to Christian beliefs on LIFE.

Those who denounce Obama's beliefs KNOW he LIES when he says he is Christian. He practices a 'non-Christian' version of a religion from the Rev. Wright Church. But this is another issue...

Obama's own words have shown that he does not value life. When asked when life began he stated the answer was 'above his pay grade' and he would not take a theological stand. When one denounces a life unborn, born and not saveable, then one can easily denounce ANY life as unworthy.

For further info, YES infants are Born Alive in abortions. Those involving saline regularly have live births. Saline: mother injected with saline, infant breathes in saline and it burns inside and out, baby is expelled....can live.....

Partial-birth: womb is dilated to allow baby to be turned breech to be delivered, on purpose, feet first (if head comes out it is a live birth--abortable if only feet out). Scissors are inserted at base of skull and opened to allow a suction machine to suck out brains then head collapses and baby delivered...babies have survived this as well....

Abortions are allowed into the 9th month.........when you hold the feet in your hands how can you call it 'beyond your pay grade' to state it is LIFE?

VOTE your conscience......VOTE your beliefs....VOTE your values....What do YOU value???