Friday, September 26, 2008

Brit HUME---there was NO DEAL before McCain got there

There was NO DEAL....Republicans were/are NOT on board. When Dems heard McCain was coming they said, "don't come we have a deal"....included money to ACORN, like we want THAT deal...and Reps said NO McCain came. Dems got ticked and tried to blindside McCain's efforts IN ADVANCE....Dems are playing politics and media bought it.... surprised???? NO to Reids sneaking in the OIL Shale BAN...shame on him.....No to bail out unless they really fix market......not socialized government

More from Ed Morrissey: "Pelosi and Reid don't NEED GOP to pass bill.So why not just call a vote? Pelosi doesn’t want to get married to George Bush, that’s why. She wants to spread the political risk and get consensus on a bailout plan so that the responsibility for any failure doesn’t rest solely on her shoulders, at least in the House. Both Pelosi and Harry Reid wanted John McCain to deliver both GOP caucuses to cover their own butts on the bailout bill, and McCain — at least thus far — hasn’t convinced Boehner to do so."