Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Born Alive FACTS

Here is more info on the BORN ALIVE INFANT PROTEDTION ACT that Barack Obama fought against....matter of fact...he was the ONLY Senator to do so.....His argument? " if we go and recognize premature babies born alive in what some people call a previable condition, although they were clearly living for a while, if we do this, then it might down the road affect the right to abortion.

"Every single abortion proponent in the United States Senate at the time they voted on this the roll call vote was in 2001 every single one is more protective of human life in its early stages and more respectful of human life in its early stages than is Senator Obama based on his voting record. " (Freddosso) because even Barbara Boxer and Hilary Clinton voted FOR this act ONLY OBAMA did not....

The Born Alive Act would protect the life of an infant born AFTER an abortion. Now think, if a Doctor killed these babies it would be murder, so hospitals were just leaving them to die......Obama supports this practice. What does THAT say about him?