Thursday, September 18, 2008

HEALTH ALERT-China's entire food chain contaminated...

Please, please be vigilant about products from China. I have four children and I have not allowed toys made in China in my home for years. Lead has always been a concern. But there are many more products coming from China and you need to protect your family. For example, if you love shrimp and fish a lot of it comes from China....big alert! Christmas is aware...protect yourselves...READ labels and know where food and toys come from...
Here are some more things to be aware of: (
The recent formula scare--melanine (chemical in plastic) in milk to boost fake protein content
Clinton fundraising scandal, AGAIN i.e. interfering in the election of a foreign country
Human rights abuses
Pollution that spreads well beyond the uncontrollable algae blooms and into the world’s air supply
Exported toys immersed in lead
Poisonous toothpaste sweetened with anti-freeze
Steamed buns made of flavored cardboard that was softened with industrial solvents
Clothes so contaminated with formaldehyde that men, women and children are sickened
Shrimp grown in the sewage falling from the butts of sick chickens that were eventually carved up and sent abroad
Political oppression
Fake teeth exported to American kids for Halloween that had to be recalled because they contained lead
Date rape drug in kids aqua beads

Internet censorship that could only have been accomplished by wiretapping and eavesdropping (matters when Bush does it and doesn’t abuse it in the search for terrorists, doesn’t matter when China does it as a matter of fact, everyday life)
Meddling with their currency to manipulate our markets
Working with Barack Obama’s half brother Mark Ndesandjo to promote cheap Chinese products in the United States and undercut US jobs
Squelching organized religion (a good thing to the American left)
Zoo’s where kids feed chickens and sheep to the lions instead of feed to the pigs
The massacre of Burmese monks
Recycled used chopsticks that weren’t even disinfected before being sent back on the market
Recall of vinyl baby bibs

From the Australian: "China's whole food chain appears to be under some threat of contamination as a result, with tests now being extended to animal feed."