Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Case Against Barack Obama by Reddoso book review

Book review note by John Bambenek......

"The Obama campaign has steadfastly refused to speak the nitty-gritty of policy on the stump and has run a "cult of personality" campaign. This is why it is a timely and important work to show the man behind the fa├žade, but to do so in a legitimate way. Many, mostly slanderous, attempts have been made to show Obama as some kind of un-American Trojan horse candidate. This has only helped to inoculate him against legitimate criticism. However, Freddoso sticks to the record with copious footnotes to back him up.
Most of Obama's more radical leftist connections are public record. The public fallout from the Rev. Wright controversies started to bring to light that strange company that Obama has kept. In particular, Freddoso touches upon Obama's relationship to Bill Ayers who was part of the terrorist group the Weathermen. Obama may try to walk and talk like a "moderate" on the stump, but he surrounds himself with the far left.
The book is a thorough treatment of Obama's career, what he has done and how he got there. The image that emerges does not mesh at all with the icon of hope. The media, for their part, simply has not dug deep into the mirage that is the Obama campaign. The book provides a sorely needed analysis for a candidate who is almost getting a free ride to the White House. It is fact-based, well-researched and is critical reading for anyone interested in who Obama really is."

I, too, found this book fair and balanced. I wanted to read a book that didn't have an obvious anti-bias and didn't make Obama seem anti-american. I DID want to know factual information about his personal history separate from the fantasy he wrote about himself. This book answered clear questions for me and is a MUST READ for anyone wanting to know FACTS.

This candidate does not receive ANY media criticism, but questions remain and need to be addressed. Especially since this candidate softballs the questions away with comments like the one he gave Bill O'Reilly....."I know thousands of people" when specifically asked about Bill Ayers comments he made about not supporting what Jeremiah Wright preached but he went to church with racist, anti-semitic Jeremiah Wright for 20 YEARS but apparently NEVER heard him speak power.....and how Louis Farrahkan is a GREAT MAN..sure....right........and I am mormon, but never heard of Joseph Smith........