Wednesday, September 10, 2008

JOY BEHAR sets women back 100 years or more

View co-host Joy Behar recently stated that Sarah Palin's VP nomination set back WOMEN and the women's movement for YEARS. She also noted Palin is 'mean' because she hunts.

Question? How does having the FIRST WOMAN REPUBLICAN VP CANDIDATE set women BACK??? This is a major step forward for women.

The problem is that femnazis believe her to be the WRONG woman. If she was a prochoice, atheist, feminist then that would be ok......choice does seem to be their particular issue and yet.......this is really a NON-ISSUE. Roe vs Wade is not going anywhere. It is law. So then what is the problem? Governor Palin chooses LIFE and lived that principle and chose life for her Down's Syndrome son. As a woman....she made a CHOICE. Isn't that her LEGAL right?

She is, and I quote from Behar...."you know, the one thing that I don't think anybody has said yet is that she's very mean to animals, this woman." Booo flippin hoooo! It is apparent that Behar is not just pro-choice. She is pro-abortion. It is 'mean' to kill a polar bear, but not mean to kill a child? Hmmmmm........

Therefore, Behar and others like her (Steinem) view Sarah Palin with the blinders of their pedogogical ideology of extreme liberal/fascist ideology. Sarah Palin: strong, independent, prolife, christian, gun owning, hunting, political whistle blowing, popular, executive WITH experience, wife and mother is, according to Behar and her 'kind', Sarah is just the 'wrong' woman.

Now THAT kind of warped, twisted, woman bashing attitude is the real thing that will set back women for years. Shame on you Joy Behar.

Ok Joy Behar......just what are the qualifications of the 'right' woman? I almost hate to ask.........