Thursday, September 11, 2008


What, you may ask, is a pseudo-intellectual liberal? Why would this be relevant to you?

Many liberals with some education begin to believe that they are experts on any subject, especially about what is good FOR Americans and what is bad ABOUT America.

Here are some points about what motivates an pseudo-intellectual liberal:


There are two primary motivations for the
liberal advocacy by pseudo-intellectuals:
it is easier for them to obtain acclaim from the liberal press than from real intellectuals
they genuinely fail to understand certain abstractions, such as:
how cutting taxes often increases government revenue (Laffer Curve)
it should be noted that many economist also fail to understand this [8][9]
how guns save more lives through deterrence and prevention than they harm
how childbirth has a positive effect on health, and thus abortion harms health
how cease-fires always help a determined opponent in war
how arms limitations treaties always helps a dishonest adversary
they expect superficial, flawed logic to persuade others, such as:
claiming that inequality in outcome implies discrimination
demanding equal treatment for genders in all situations
claiming that the gay agenda is like the civil rights struggle by African Americans
insisting that government can reduce poverty with more programs
Please add to these lists.