Thursday, September 11, 2008


I have watched the relationship build between Russia, Venezuela and Iran for the last several years. I have told people that these countries are not only our enemies, but will swear to do us harm. I still stand by that belief. It is interesting that Iran's President is heading to North America this week as this other event is unfolding........(from

"Two Russian strategic bombers landed in Venezuela on Wednesday as part of military maneuvers, the government said, announcing an unprecendented deployment to a new ally at a time when both nations are involved in tense relations with the U.S."

"Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez — an idled critic of American foreign policy — said Wednesday the bombers were welcome in Venezuela, and that he hopes to "fly one of those things" himself.
Chavez called the Russian planes' visit part of a move toward a "pluri-polar world" — a reference to moving away from U.S. dominance. "The Yankee hegemony is finished," Chavez said in a televised speech."

"The apparently retaliatory move follows the U.S. deployment of warships to deliver aid to the former Soviet nation of Georgia, barely a month after Russian armor and aircraft crushed the Georgian military in a five-day war."

The world depends upon oil. Russia, Venezuela and Iran have oil. Then why is Russia trying to take control of the pipeline going through Georgia? Because controlling that oil will control distribution of oil into Europe and has the potential to cut off Europe's oil suppply. It is a purely strategic move by Russia and make no mistake, Russia will attempt it again.

It is even more apparent that WE as a nation MUST tap into our OWN sources of energy and we MUST become OIL INDEPENDENT. We have the oil. Where? Alaska. Liberals would like you to believe that it isn't that much oil there and not worth the time or the money. The facts show that there are in excess of billlions, BILLIONS of untapped barrels of oil in ALASKA.

Can we afford to have countries that HATE US control US with oil? Arguing about BIG OIL isn't going to make the issue go away. We can't afford to let NON-FRIENDLY, BORDERLINE HOSTILE foreign leaders set the tone for the future world economy. Does anyone remember WWII??? Axis leaders of EVIL have the power, money and resources to create major economic disaster for the US and our allies.