Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Powell endorsement of Obama racially motivated

Pseudo-republican Gen. Colin Powell finally made the announcement everyone knew was coming. He endorsed B. Hussein Obama for President. This comes as no surprise to many. The Left and Gen. Powell say this is NOT racially motivated, yet, why would a purported Republican 4 Star General who was one of the major supporters of the Iraq War and who adamantly claimed there were WMD's, now support an ineffectual, inexperienced radical socialist BLACK candidate (but he looks good and he's smooth, right?)who opposed the surge if it were not for race?

The arguments for why he wouldn't be racially motivated do not hold water and Obama hates the polls closing the gap. Obama held Powell as his 'ace in the hole' endorsement for the end of the election to 'seal the deal'. It you think it isn't about race then you are just drinking the Kook-aid. Race has been the only word used consistently by the Obama campaign.

The problem is no one cares. Powell is just another BLACK person casting a vote for the BLACK candidate. Powell secures a cabinet position with Obama, Obama can say he 'crossed the aisle' with this pseudo-republican general, and black people everywhere cheer wildly as Obama is quickly tested in an INTERNATIONAL CRISIS within 6 months of his election. One in which Joe Biden says Obama's supporters will NOT be happy about. Hmmm......just another day in OZ