Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Important decision to make...where do YOU stand?

We either patriotically turn the country over to a man who has proudly served his nation in war time and peace — or we face electing a man who has a checkered past, a man who has counted domestic terrorists among his friends, and a man who spent 15 years in a church where his pastor regularly damned and condemned the United States.

Barack Obama is not simply a risky choice as our next president — He is a dangerous one.

Meanwhile, Obama’s life remains a laundry list of dirty secrets!

▪ Two weeks before the election, Obama refuses to offer documentation of legal citizenship, NO official birth certificate produced yet!

▪ Obama pokes fun, but still refuses to explain his Arab Muslim school records

▪ Obama’s ACORN Voter Fraud is under FBI investigation for federal crimes

▪ Now Obama is investigating the FBI investigation of ACORN – putting investigators on trial to defend known ACORN voter fraud

▪ Obama still refuses to unseal his college records

▪ Obama refuses to truthfully disclose Ayers and many other radical relationships

▪ Illegal Foreign money is still flooding into Obama campaign, unchecked!

▪ Obama “Senator Government” still lying about economic – tax plan

▪ Obama won’t explain why Saudi Royalty front-man, Dr. Khalid Al Mansour was grooming him through college

▪ Arab world campaign contributions 'may enable him to win U.S. presidency'

▪ Obama joined Libya's Gadhafi among top contributors to Kenya communist thug and Obama cousin, Odinga

The list of Obama secrets goes on and on and on... That’s part of the problem. There are so many evil Obama associations and the effort to conceal them all has been so massive, that there are not enough hours left to investigate it all before the election.

We know more than we should about Joe the Plumber, who just asked a question, when Obama drove through his neighborhood. The media has 'vetted' Joe, but a no go on the big O.