Monday, October 6, 2008

Michelle Obama a BIG WHINER

Surprise that Michelle Obama's former boss said she was a big complainer and nothing he ever gave her to do satisfied her. Why does it surprise me when this is a woman that lived 44 years as an American and it took her that long to find something to be proud of in her country....when B. Hussein was nominated......Quincy White headed the recruitment firm that Michelle Obama worked for. He notes that "she at one point went over my head and complained [to human resources] that I wasn’t giving her enough interesting stuff, and the person came down to my office and said, ‘Basically she’s complaining that she’s being treated like she’s a second-year associate,’ and we agreed that she was a second-year associate. I had eight or nine other associates, and I couldn’t start treating one of them a lot better....“I couldn’t give her something that would meet her sense of ambition to change the world."

Now THIS kind of woman gives other women a bad name. She goes to work with a firm as a 2nd year associate and wants the brass ring the moment she gets there BEFORE and AHEAD of other equally or better qualified employees. She is demanding, whiny, complains, and has what we call an insubordinate attitude that would get others fired or reprimanded...but not Grand DAME DEMANDS her due. UGGG....what an obnoxious, self-absorb and offensive woman...SHE sets women back....I guess we could call her 'uppity'. (snort..oh, but that would be 'racist')