Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More Obama fraud

Just how much fraud is too much fraud in the Obama campaign before the Obamatized masses wake up and take note? Voter fraud, campaign contribution fraud, media fraud, personal association fraud, personal history fraud...the list just grows and grows...but the Obamatized masses just go gleefully forward to our doom....Oh I am sure the Daily craphole Kos has a 'reasonable' explanation for this too. yeah, right.

"Fully $100 million of the record-breaking $150 million that the Obama campaign collected in September alone came over the internet via credit card donations. The Obama campaign has deliberately turned off the anti-fraud mechanisms available for internet credit card transactions. They have no clue how many millions or tens of millions of dollars have been donated to them in violation of federal election law. And now it turns out that the Obama campaign cheerfully takes even contributions from untraceable pre-paid credit cards, a/k/a "the pseudo-credit cards you use when you want to conceal illegal activity."