Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hilary praises Palin!

Sen. Clinton had this to say about Gov. Palin's debate: "It's amazing, you know, she's been thrust into the national spotlight with very little preparation and I think that, all things considered, you saw a very composed and effective debater last night."

Governor Palin proved she could handle herself in a Presidential and competent manner tonight. As Michelle Malkin notes, "She was warm, fresh, funny, confident, energetic, personable, relentless, and on message. She roasted Obama’s flip-flops on the surge and tea-with-dictators declarations, dinged Biden’s bash-Bush rhetoric, challenged the blame-America defeatism of the Left, and exuded the sunny optimism that energized the base in the first place.

"Her performance underscored the underhandedness of the hatchet job editors at ABC News and CBS News, which failed to capture her solid competence on the whole array of foreign and domestic policy issues on the debate table tonight."

The pundits, liberals, and others will go crazy tomorrow with "Palin Derangement Syndrome", but that isn't anything new......

Article from American Thinker author Dunn: "Sarah Palin is the only one with any of the requisite executive experience required for office. She is the sole candidate who has ever run anything larger than a college debating society. If she is not qualified, none of them are, and we'd better dump 'em all and start over...........Only two senators have been elected president in this century: Warren G. Harding and John F. Kennedy. (Johnson, Bush, Sr., and Truman all served as VPs before entering the Oval Office.).......Americans like governors -- somebody with hands-on experience at running a state who can demonstrate that experience. McKinley, Wilson, Coolidge, FDR, Reagan, Clinton, and George W. were all successful governors before becoming president. ........The differences between running a town, a state, and a country are matters of degree, not of essence. The same skills and abilities are required in each foreign policy experience????......except for the easily demonstrated fact that Governor Palin, on August 27th of this year, completed a pipeline agreement with Canada, which is a foreign country. The agreement had been stymied for over two decades by various interests in Alaskan state government. Palin got it wrapped up in that busy eighteen months.