Thursday, October 16, 2008

Freedom of speech is DEAD DEAD DEAD

It is appalling to consider the state of our country. The liberal media has lost its mind, not to mention any sense of dignity. Joe 'the plumber' did the unthinkable. He asked the almighty anointed Obama a legitimate question and now he is being vilified and dissected in the media. The offensive Daily Kos (a slimebag liberal rag) has gone as far as printing Joe's address, phone number, and other PERSONAL AND PRIVATE information on its website. Other rags, including the NYT, has stepped over the line and done the same.

When did Freedom of speech die in this country? The day the LEFT decided to anoint Obama for President. Every freedom we have in this country is being yanked from us in the blink of an eye. No one can disagree with the Anointed One. No one can print, speak, question the Anointed One without fear of reprisal.

This should scare anyone thinking that Obama will be for change of HOPE in this country. Change for sure, but not change you will want. All of our personal rights will be gone. What is being done to Joe the Plumber is a travesty.

We now know more about Joe the Plumber than we do about the Anointed One. Obama has REFUSED to submitt an authentic birth certificate. He has REFUSED to release ANY school records. We know only what he wants us to know and the answers change almost daily. Every bit of his past has been carefully orchestrated and every relationship has been reduced to a political soundbite. No truth....just carefully rehearsed rhetoric....

He blatantly LIED during the debate. Amazing since his lies are easily a matter of public record. The truth is that Obama does not know the truth. His preacher said it best. This politician will say and do anything to get elected. Even if that means tearing down the very people he professes to care about. Don't be fooled. Obama is in it for HIM. Your taxes WILL be raised to pay for those free abortions and welfare gifts to the those who filed to vote 73 times. Your income will be distributed to those who are the ultimate slaves....those on the dole. Free speech, free press, free market society is dead......I don't even think it will rest in peace. I know that I won't......