Thursday, October 30, 2008

Khalidi Palestine Liberation Org. leader a problem.

Many people don't understand or comprehend why Rashid Khalidi is a problem relationship for Obama. They just think it is one more big deal. They just ignore the fact that all these relationships add up to a very Marxist leaning/lying US Presidential Candidate. Obama's language is 'telling'. Why should YOU care? Obama, again, lies and says Israel is to be protected while supporting groups that denounce Israel and are Anti-Semitic. Here is an example:
"I kind of raised my eyebrows last February when Obama went on his glib little diatribe against "an unwavering pro-Likud approach to Israel." That kind of language is very particular and very revelatory. Likud Prime Ministers are the ones who made peace with Egypt, handed over Hebron to Arafat, and handed over Gaza to the Palestinians. So someone who's just studying Middle East history would never naturally end up using "pro-Likud" as a synonym for "intransigent Zionist right winger." Dozens of one-sided lectures and conversations are necessary before that kind of rhetoric seems quotidian.
There is one specific community that talks like that all the time - where "pro-Likud" actually means "pro-Israel" and both are supposed to be derisive. That would be the radical, Israel-hating academic community that was so well-represented at Khalidi's celebration. And why wouldn't their best and brightest be there? Khalidi himself was a master at that kind of rhetoric:

The dominant neoconservative elements in the administration were already predisposed to accept a hard-line Likud analysis... these necon "Sharonistas" in official and unofficial Washington has long espoused extremist Likud views...[this] line of thinking was shared by the Bush administration's ascendant neocons and the new Likud government
Khalidi has also been known to express his vicious, batshit crazy conspiracy theories in the same charming language: "for these American Likudniks and their Israeli counterparts, sad to say, the tragedy of September 11 was a godsend."

Aaron Klein is also pretty convinced that Obama picked up his "Israel is a constant sore" line from Khalidi:

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