Saturday, March 27, 2010

Been away too long....

I have not posted in much has happened politically and at times I am frustrated and defeated by the direction I see my beloved country head. I am a student of history. I see what is happening and I remember the lessons of Facing History and Ourselves.....teach it lest we repeat easily humans forget.

Like the Israelites that wandered in the desert for 40 years we, as Americans, are wandering in our land because we have lost our way. We are wandering because we have lost sight of our G-d. We have lost our Spiritual Eyes and have lost our way. The Israelites had to be tried and tested repeatedly because they forgot their G-d. They repeatedly turned to false gods because they forgot to keep their eyes on high on the Lord.

This passover week leading in to Easter we must remember that all is not lost in America. WE have hope eternal. We must keep our faith and we must work to save our beloved country AND ourselves.

Christ celebrated passover by teaching the Disciples that HE was the Paschal Lamb they learned of in their Hebrew youth. HE was/is the Bread and Breath of Life Eternal. We no longer have to eat bitter herbs to remind of us of the bitter trials in our lives (our own wandering in the desert). We no longer have to eat apples and honey to remind us of the sweetness of the Promised Land, although we could. We no longer have to eat passover lamb because Jesus is THE LAMB OF G-D.

As Easter approaches remember that our Savior suffered, died and rose again for US because he LOVES us. He sacrificed so that we may LIVE.

I KNOW my Savior loves me and he sacrified for me. I know that we are here to live and learn so that we may prove ourselves faithful. We no longer have to wander aimlessly and without hope. We must keep our eyes high so that we might SEE.

As I watch my country in these times I keep my faith and my hope. I have to......I have no other choice or I would feel defeated and wandering in MY own desert of despair.


Time to get political again!!!